Jill Truman’s Common Women at Kingsley Hall

Jill Truman’s story “Common Women”, written from her direct experience of the peace camp, keeps the action of Greenham Common Peace Camp alive and, as a play, provides us with an opportunity to re-live the hardship and enduring spirit of the camp. Not only through the way women discovered the power of collective action by a wide range of women from all ages and life experience. but through the dilemmas faced by the character Becky, a 16 year old local girl, who has difficulty overcoming the mythologies and small minded bigotry of different authorities: her father, a local council dignitary, her mother, local people who see Greenham as bringing economic opportunity to the area and small minded people who think only the worst of the protesting women.
The recent fresh and lively staged playreading by Bow Drama Group joined up with the month long 90th anniversary celebrations of Kingsley Hall in London’s east end – An apt venue to host the playreading not only famed for its social and ethical works but also for welcoming and accommodating the peace activist Mahatma Ghandi during his famous visit to London in 1931. The event was also supported by Tower Hamlets CND.
The production was organised by Tower Hamlets CND member, Joan Griffiths
The cast were members of Bow Playreading Group.
The Play Common Women was written by Jill Truman – another member of CND.
Through working closely with Bow Drama Group and TH CND, the commemorative book Common Womenwas designed and produced by ArtZone Co-operative and published by AND Association, 10 Back Church Lane, London E1 1LX
Further copies Common Women can be obtained from
Bow Drama Group e: joangriffiths46@gmail.com
Tower Hamlets CND e: towerhamletscnd@yahoo.co.uk
AND Association e: and@and.org.uk

To see more photos from the play please click this link