Together Against Trump demo

Friday 13th July • 2pm 
March to Central London
From BBC Portland Place
London W1A 1AA

It’s less than two weeks until Donald Trump visits Britain. Friday 13th July is a crucial day for our movement to oppose the warmongering and nuclear brinkmanship of the world’s most powerful man. Tens of thousands are set to march through London.

  • Trump’s torn up the Iran nuclear deal. He threatened to kill millions with US nukes in North Korea. He recently announced new ‘usable’ nukes to expand the possibility of nuclear warfare, and he’s visiting Brussels this month to demand that NATO members spend even more on nuclear weapons and war.
  • One minute Trump’s posing as the peace broker, the next minute he’s preparing for war. His presidency threatens the security of the world and it’s time for our movement to confront him.
TH CND TrumpNO.png

Together Against Trump

Friday 13th July is our chance to rise up and say enough is enough. We reject the collusion of Theresa May and her government with this dangerous US administration and deplore the invitation to President Trump.

  • Get the word out. Book the day off work. Put on transport. Donate to the campaign. Contact us for support and make sure you and your friends are there on the 13th July.

Together Against Trump national demo

Join CND on the march to say No to Nuclear War, Gather 2pm BBC, Portland Place, Find the CND banner and placards, on the steps of All Soul’s Church,
London W1A 1AA