Welcome to the Tower Hamlets branch of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament CND

CND campaigns non-violently to rid the world of nuclear weapons and other weapons of mass destruction and to create genuine security for future generations.

CND opposes all nuclear and other weapons of mass destruction: their development, manufacture, testing, deployment and use or threatened use by any country.

We aim to:

Change Government policies to bring about the elimination of British nuclear weapons as a major contribution to global abolition.

Stimulate wide public debate on the need for alternatives both to the nuclear cycle and to military attempts to resolve conflict.

Empower people to engage actively in the political process and to work for a nuclear-free and peaceful future.

Co-operate with other groups in the UK and internationally to ensure the development of greater mutual security

As a British campaign, we concentrate first and foremost on British nuclear weapons but we also work with anti-nuclear groups in other countries to eliminate the global threat. CND is also present at the United Nations and other international disarmament conferences.


Campaigning News

Hiroshima Day 2017

On 06 August Tower Hamlets CND joined people from all across the country to commemorate the hundreds of thousands people that died as a result of the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945. The Mayor of Tower Hamlets – one of the world’s 161 Mayors for Peace – gave us this statement to be read out on his behalf: Mayor John Biggs Statement for Hiroshima Day

UN negotiations for a global ban on nuclear weapons

Tower Hamlets CND members call on their MPs to ask the Government to participate constructively.

On 27 March, 130 countries assembled for the start of negotiations at the UN in New York on an international treaty to “prohibit nuclear weapons, leading to their total elimination”. These negotiations were originally voted for at the UN by 123 countries, and opposed by 38 (mostly nuclear weapon states and NATO members). Significantly, though, three nuclear weapon states, India, Pakistan and China, abstained and North Korea voted in favour. Our Government is boycotting the negotiations. Labour’s shadow minister for peace and disarmament, Fabian Hamilton, however, attended as an observer.

The negotiations resume in June and end on 7 July. They are supported by the International Committee of the Red Cross, Pope Francis, an open letter by over 3,000 scientists and Nobel Laureates and by the European Parliament.

The utmost importance and urgency of these talks is underlined by the announcement at the beginning of this year in the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists that the Doomsday Clock has advanced to two and a half minutes to midnight.

Constituent members of Tower Hamlets CND sent letters to Jim Fitzpatrick MP for Poplar and Limehouse and to Bethnal Green and Bow MP Rushanara Ali in early March 2017. The full text of the letters can be found here: 2017 March 12 Letter to Jim Fitzpatrick

We had a positive reply from Jim Fitzpatrick telling us that he and the Labour Shadow Foreign Office Minister, Catherine West would write to the Foreign Secretary and ask about the UK’s role in the Conference and copy us into their response. This was followed by a reply from Rushanara Ali, responding to a reference in our letter to the recent failed Trident missile test, expressing her concern about this, whilst ignoring altogether the UN negotiations and our request; she ignored our two follow up letters. But we will continue to press our political leaders for action on Nukes!


Remember Chernobyl & Fukushima

April 26th marked the 31st anniversary of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant disaster which led to thousands of deaths, destroyed communities, and caused far-reaching environmental damage.

A month before we remembered the Fukushima disaster from 2011 – and all the while the British government is planning to build a new generation of nuclear power stations.

Join us at a special CND conference in London on Saturday 17 June where we will explore ow to build a world without nuclear power and what roles renewable energy could play in a safer future

Experts will discuss a number of topics including what’s wrong with nuclear power; the politics of nuclear power; energy demand, energy efficiency; and the scope of renewables in the UK.

For more details and to book your online ticket click here.


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